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Ambrogio Pessina S.r.l.
Via Valtellina 4
22070, Montano Lucino (CO)

Tel: (+39) 031 473367
Fax: (+39) 031 4721382

Plant manager

Alessandro Giummo

Administrative manager

Roberta Sassi

Quality, safety, environment manager

Federica Ramazzina

Responsible for work arrangements, warehouse stocks

Luca Liguori


Ambrogio Pessina


Our company group has highly qualified resources at the disposal of our customers, able to provide assistance and technical advice both in the design phase and for any type of after-sales problem.

The production process, from arrangement to delivery, is equipped with a detection system capable of constantly assessing all qualitative and quantitative parameters.
This last opportunity allows our collaborators - but above all our customers - to be informed in real time via the Web about the progress of each individual order as well as the stock in the warehouse.

This means:

  • Reduced response times
  • Immediate availability of data
  • Constant improvement of the service offered
The in-house service of a centralised laboratory enables the individual companies in the group to benefit from timely and qualified management via the Web.
Modern equipment enables any technical problems to be solved quickly and accurately.