Ambrogio Pessina was born in 2001 and is specialised in working silk yarns in cones.
The realisation of the production cycle, includes the purge, the load and the dye done by a technologically very advanced system that can grant a final product of high quality.
The factory can offer a sale service of finished products with a large group of realized dyed articles, according to the quantity and the colours requested by the client.
The factory has a very good equipped laboratory that allows any kind of technological control both before the dyeing and also at the end of all the works done.
The number of products and services is highly enlarged with the potentiality of the consociates Tintoria Filati Portichetto and Comofil

The dyeing mill is equipped for any productive request of our clients: it is possible to dye lots starting from one cone (laboratory machines) up to 1000 cones per colour.
Here under the machine loads available in the dyeing mill.
Machine loads at your disposal:

DOWNLOAD MODULO DISPOSIZIONE Download machine loads (pdf)

FOX SAS di Polo Roberto
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IDEE TESSILI di Ballerini Andrea e Giacomelli Emanuele S.A.S.
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Ambrogio Pessina S.r.l.
Via Valtellina, 4 - 22070 Montano Lucino CO
Tel. 031 473367 - Fax 031 4721382

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